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Our Curriculum

Rosecrest Learning Academy is using well researched and wonderful programs for our curriculum. Students will be going above and beyond the standard subjects and learning areas such as Sign Language (from a Certified Signing Time instructor). We take amazing lesson plans and add them into our daily preschool curriculum. So the students will learn so many signs; a second language, they will also learn Spanish on a daily basis. Areas such as Science, and Poems (age appropriate) will also be taught, they will also work on their reading skills with the "Learning A-Z" program which is a Leveled Reading program based off of Fountas & Pinnell and Reading Recovery leveling criteria, as well as growing their creativity with many arts and crafts projects each week.

We will be teaching in the 8 following categories:

#1 Physical
#2 Social/Emotional
#3 Cognitive
#4 Number/Letter/Shape/Color/Activities
#5 Creative Expression
#6 Music and Rhythm
#7 Beginning Pre-Reading
#8 2nd Language

Breadth and Depth:

We offer a set of thematic studies that supports both a breadth and depth of learning experiences.

* Each year, we use a combination of nine themes from the three categories of self, nature and global.
* Each month, children expand their knowledge by digging into the depth of one theme.
* Each day, children explore a subtopic and participate in activities and sensory experiences designed to offer diverse perspectives.

The result is an intentionally formed web of information that is organized around a series of themes and connects abstract concepts of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, poems, art and facts and much more. This web assists children in achieving maximum results in the storing and recall of information within their memory. 

Some other exciting things about our preschool include things such as but not limited to:
Flat Stanley - Flat Stanley travels to your child's home for a week so your child can take care of him and travel to far away places. Your child will get to journal about there experiences every day and share it with the class.  
Weekly Emails - every week you will receive a letter called "What's Happening This Week" this way you will always know exactly what your child is doing in school each day. You will also receive all kinds of up dates and information so you will never feel like you don't know whats happening at school.
Field trips and Parties - Every year we take field trips, They always have to do with what we are learning about so they change from year to year. We have many fun class parties the kids always have a great time.
Portfolio's - All year long we keep a portfolio of everything your child/children do in class each month. This is great because you can keep everything together and it makes it easy to be able to compare where they were at in the beginning of the year and where they are now.

Pre-K (only) Additional Curriculum:

Not only does our Pre-K include everything you read above but we go even deeper. with our "EXPERIENCE PRE-K" 

This innovative Pre-K system allows our students to dig deep into learning by planning, investigating, and creating unique and personalized projects. "Experience Pre-K Projects" joins brain-based research with Reggio-inspired methods. 

Each project is partnered with a quality piece of children’s literature by Barefoot Books publishers. The books function as the key tool for finding information, practicing skills and inspiring children to become authors of their own stories. 

Students document their learning and inquiries in their Story Design Journal. These journals offer students a special place to read simple phonic-based stories and creatively write a story of their own.

Our project planners offer a step-by-step guide for implementing a project with our students. The project planners help us challenge our students to investigate their questions through experiences in art, music, experimentation, mathematical reasoning, reading and writing.

There are three primary phases to each project designed to encompass approximately 20 days of activities:
1. Planning phase: Plan the story
2. Investigation phase: Be in the story
3. Documentation phase: Share the story

Experience Pre-K Projects offers a research-based skill continuum that clearly explains the learning steps from level (age) 4 to 8 in areas of language, math, social and physical development. This allows us to adjust the skill level of each activity to continuously challenge and support our students learning. 

Experience Pre-K Projects invites our students to ask big questions and explore their ideas close to home, in nature and around the world. Our projects are organized in three rings of personal connection to learning.

Within each ring are various areas of exploration.

Once students begin to explore, we offer a 2-3 project experiences that can be used in any order based on our students interests. Also Enjoy watching your child learn and ask for More Reading & Writing! Each month features a new More Reading & Writing activity book that extends the skills in your our curriculum! In our 4 day a week class not only will your child learn everything above but you will also get to enjoy watching your child learn and ask for More Math! Each month features a new More Math activity book that extends the skills in our curriculum! Look for other More Math titles to nurture your child’s love of logic, numbers, and problem-solving 

Other Curriculums We Use:

BYU Phonics Reading 

Funshine for our well-rounded curriculum of science, social studies, Art/Crafts, Writing, Drama, Music, and much more...

Saxon for Our 3 and 5 day a week classes to teach all the fundamentals of math

Signing Language - we teach endless American Sign Language 

101 Days of Reading

Crossfit for Preschoolers! Completely age appropriate and a blast!  They love it!!! (this curriculum can be viewed at our facility)

Experiencing God (our AM Classes) which teach about character traits such as, courage, honesty.... (this can also be viewed at our facility and is amazing the kids character goes tremendously and all it takes is 5 minutes a day)

Signing Time Lessons
(you can take a look at these lesson plans at our facility)

Signing Time lessons will also be taught. Signing has so much research showing that it not only helps parents to better communicate with their children and children to their parents but it helps children to learn much faster in a preschool/any environment, as well as helps with reading skills.  



Dear Parents,

Rosecrest Learning Academy is very excited about our amazing Reading Program " Learning A-Z" 

Learning A-Z is a Guided/Leveled Reading Program.

Leveled reading uses small-group instruction and developmentally appropriate books called leveled books. This approach recognizes that a wide range of reading ability exists within any grade level or age group, and that reading at the appropriate levels ensures success. Each session, 15 to 25 minutes, begins with introducing a book, eliciting prior knowledge, and building background. A child is placed in a small group with other children of similar ability and given a developmentally appropriate book to read. The teacher monitors and guides the reading of each child as needed. Discussion of the book follows, and the child keeps the book to read repeatedly. Subsequent lessons at the lower levels usually use an entirely new book. Three weeks a month, each child will now be learning to read a new book each week. Books will start with a simple "A for Ant, a for ant (with a picture of an Ant) for the very beginner readers, and levels can go all the way to level Z (the sky's the limit). Your child will also continue to get a homework assignment sent home each of those weeks that goes along with the book they are reading. In addition to this you will now have access to your own personal library with