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Steps on How To Start Your Own Business 

Step 1). Decide what kind of business do you want to open.  Love what you do.  If you open a biz that you aren't excited about and have a passion about you'll either crash and burn before it ever even opens or you might open it and be miserable running it every day!  So really pray and ponder what is best for you, what are you wanting to do so bad!

Step 2) Once you figure out what the business is going to be pick THE NAME.  The name to me is so important! Make it a name you love BUT be careful because if you name doesn't fit your business that can cost you clients, not big time but you don't want people to see your name either and be like what is that place, then just keep walking by.  For example their is a business that I drive by all the time I have for years! I always thought it was some kind of bird place because of its name.  It wasn't until recently I found out it actually one of the best candy places ever!  Years went by I never cared to go in cause I didn't want a bird or bird stuff.  I had no idea it was like everyones favorite candy shop in the valley.  Anyways, the name is so important but for me it also needs to sound and feel right!

Step 3) Go to your states site and look and the requirements of your state to open your particular business.  Utahs is https://www.utah.gov/business/starting.html. There is all kinds of tips and ideas to read over there.  Read once section at a time and take notes so you can remember what's important.  For any other state Google how to start a business in .... Only Go To the States .gov site for this info

Step 4) Register your name.  You want to make sure once you decide on a name its available and no one else can use it.  For Utah you go here https://corporations.utah.gov/online_bus_reg.html For any other state Google how to Register a business name .... Only Go To the States .gov site for this info

Step 5) Logo and Motto!  What is your motto? Get your logo Designed.  There are endless places to do this.  I always get my biz cards from either www.vistaprint.com or Costco in their business marketing site. I like Costcos stuff better. 

Step 6) Licensing, Get all your city and state licensing your business requires  

Step 7) Once the above names are done then to me this is the most important step Go to https://www.legalzoom.com and let them set up everything else. YOU DON"T HAVE TO DO THIS but I have used them for all my personal business.  The Charter was a whole different ball game but the other I LOVE LEGALZOOM.  They take care of every thing!  It has always been so slick and they send this beautiful binder with all my legal docs nicely categorized and even my own official seal, they take care of registering all my tax ID stuff as well.  It really is so awesome.  I have used them to make my businesses LLC but you have other options as well like Corporations, DBA, Nonprofits and so on.  

Step 8) Once thats all set up I then HIGHLY recommend if your doing your own payroll and taxes which I always did because I don't trust anyone else with my business financials at ALL! I use and LOVE them.  They make paying my staff and doing all tax related things a piece of cake!  https://www.intuit.com. They sent me reminders and made it so easy to get everything to the state as needed and so easy to keep track of what my staff made, their taxes and so much more!  

Step 9) Where are you going to go?  I have always done business from both my home and facilities out side of my home.  Outside of my home allows my home to stay my home but is less convenient if I need some last minute or if I want to save on paying a second mortgage and so on.... Having it in my home in my home makes it very convent when I need some thing last minute or just need to walk to my "office" right down the stairs.  The other benefit to having it in the home is lots of tax right offs.  If you get a facility I would say a home office too so you can't some of those write offs.

Step 10) Insurance, You definitely want insurance no matter what business your doing!!!! The last thing you want to have happen is you be sued, you have no business coverage to protect you and so they go after your home and personal monies.  GET INSURANCE if you live in Utah we highly recommend The Smith Insurance Group as they do all the research for you and they can get every kind of insurance you could need for any type of Business, as well have years and years of experience. https://www.smithinsgroup.com I would call 801-433-0161 ask for Thad or Jeremy Smith tell them Rosecrest Learning sent you, I send everyone to them.

Step 11) Website, You definitely need a website, if you have a smaller biz like a preschool the free webs.com is okay but the paid one is better, but I used the free version for years!  If you have a bigger biz I would recommend the Wordpress.com and Dreamhost.com to host your site.  You can also find great website looks at Themefast.net 

Step 12) Make your lists......

- List 1 - What Furniture do you need, if any

- List 2 - What supplies do you need, if any

- List 3 - How will you do your advertising (my favorite is local magazines and news papers, BUT my Absolute favorite way is on Facebook (all the allowed ones)  the city Facebook pages, or 24/7 Facebook pages or any Facebook business pages or forsale pages in my area.  They are all free and I always get my best traffic that way

- List 4 - Marketing Materials, what do you need and want like mugs, shirts, biz cards.....

- List 5 - Any other detailed lists that goes along with your specific type of business.

Step 13) Make you detailed plan.  Now that you have all of this figured out make "your to do" plan.  What needs to be done, when does it need to be done by, and how are you going to do each one.

Okay for now thats all I can think of!  I wish you all the best in the world and remember believe in your self!