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So Often we've heard "I want so bad to pull my kids out of Public School, but..." or "I want my kids to have a better education" or I want my kids as far away from Common Core/ESSA as possible, but..."

We understand some families both parents need to work.  We understand that private schools have crazy high costs  but you so badly want your children to have the private school education.  We understand that not all parents feel they can homeschool their own children for what ever reason.  We can help.   We are happy to help you either get on your feet and all the tools you need to help you home school your own child (because sometimes all we need is someone to help us get started)  Or we are happy and willing to teach for you!!!.  Through amazing virtual, and text book curriculums that are only offered through Home and Private schools, your choices for education are endless!!!

Are you wanting so badly to homeschool  or to virtually school your own children?  Do you want them to have a Private School education, but at home and with out the costs? Is it so over whelming you don't know where to start??   My staff and I who are very experienced in this area, are here to help you!  We to have given our kids a Private school educations from our own homes!  I will show you how, if you want to do it your self and just need help getting started I will help show you how, FREE.  I believe in the Home Private School so much!  I've seen the incredible students it creates in every type of child, on Every level!  I believe in it so much so that I would love to help get you started!  If you decide you your-self can't do it, then we are here to do it for you. :) We would love to help you give your children an amazing education!

Did you know the Skys the Limit!  Your child's education if taught by us or your self it has no limits! My son is Graduation a year early and going into Law! My Daughter skipped the 8th grade and will also graduate a year early and go into Equestrian Riding, My 7 year old twins are thriving and I have no doubt their education will turn out just as successful! This is just my own story.  There are endless stories out there like mine.  

Did you know your home school child can get a Diploma from an Accredited Private School called the NARHS??? They can, whether through you or our help they can get a legit Diploma :) Did you know colleges are actively seeking out students who have Private and Homeschool Educations?!? 

We are here to help, we can and would LOVE to Mentor/Teach your child k-12 Grade and we will even drop the price as your child gets older and More independent!!!

Check out the curriculum k-12 page to see what amazing curriculums we offer here, and that we have seen first hand work incredible!