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Rosecrest Learning Academy

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Opening a business does not have to be a scary overwhelming thing.  I have opened a Charter School, Preschool, Face-painting biz, and Private School.  All of which I loved and learned so much from.  Starting each one was pretty easy, I just had to follow the state requirements on their state site.  In my case that would be Utah.  If I can do all three of these businesses so can you.  You don't have to be a brilliant person to start and run your own business, I never even went to collage!!!  You just need the drive and passion and don't forget the most important part.... You need to believe in your self, even if others don't.  I had a lot of doubters in my day with each business I started but I continued to believe in My Self and I not only opened these business but they were and are very successful! I am currently on to new adventures and I know I can do it, with the help of my Heavenly Father (like always) and continuing to believe in my self and never giving up!