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Rosecrest Learning Academy

Where Discovery and Knowledge Create Tomorrows Leaders

How about some good old fashion Grandmas cooking!  Check out this site to find the best recipes ever! The kind that you remember being so excited to have from grandma or mom :) Click on the pic to see their recipes and their favorite kitchen tools.

  How to open a preschool in Utah (you will want to look up your states requirements)

Step 1) "Go to our How To Start A Business" then go to the sub tab "Steps to Open A Business".  Follow all those steps 1 - 11 once your done with 11 come back here for Preschool specifics.  

*** If steps 1 - 11 seem a bit overwhelming and you would like a consultation, we can talk with you on the phone for just 30.00 per hour.  Or if you would like a detailed itemized list of supplies, a copy of our daily schedule, and my monthly to do list of how I kept things running smoothly for only 30.00,  just email me at Auntieemskitchen@outlook.com just let me know if your wanting a consultation or the items emailed to you and I will be in touch.

Okay so you have finished steps 1 - 11, what's next.....

Your lists........ Many of these Items can be found in our sub tab " Supplies Store" it has all our favorite places to shop and what to buy there.

 - Furniture - preschooler chairs and tables 

 - Books with Book shelves

- Holiday Books

- Supplies, Bulk Supplies - Pens, Paper, Crayons, Glue, Scissors round tips, Staples/Stapler, Craft paper, Printing paper.  

 - Supplies if your doing curriculum all on your own, so now be thinking of Googly eyes, clothes pins, paper plates/cups, buttons, string/yarn, tissue paper, popsicle stick of all sizes, blow dryer, hammer,  and oh my heavens the list goes on and on.... 

 - Wall Charts - Weather, Calendar, Colors, Letters, Numbers, 2nd language cards, Words of the day, Days of the week/month

- Teachers desks

- Cupboards or shelves to store everything in and on and I mean lots!!!! As time goes on you will add more and more stuff because you KNOW you will use it again!

- Rugs to sit on

- Toys, I never did toys that made noise I believe in making them use their imagination

- Holiday deco (chocking safe)

- Curriculum.  Will you make your own? I did not make my own, but I pulled from all my favorites.  They are all listed on the sub tab "The Programs We Love"

- Filing cabinets to help organize each individual student, as well as teachers info, tax forms you need to save, recipes you need to save, and daily lesson plans.


- Make sure when you do enrollment you make sure that each child has a detailed packet filed out all about that child. Not only does insurance require this but it helps you to know all import and fun info on each student.

- Make sure you always require a nonrefundable registration fee up front.  

- Permission to Photograph - this will make it so you know exactly who you can photograph and what their pics can be used for.  Use this or you could get sued for not having permissions.

I never locked a Childs spot in until I had both forms filled out and money in my hands. I learned the hard way.  

Field Trips:

- I always did Meet and Greets where the whole family meets you at your field trip.  We did not drive them, why??? 1) because I did not that kind of responsibility of safety both on the road and at the trip (2) Insurance is much harder to get and costs a lot more, they hate field trips.