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Rosecrest Learning Academy

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Below is a list of all the curriculums we use for Homeschooling at Rosecrest Learning Academy a Private Homeschool Group. 

Each has a description as well as what grades it's used for.  Click on the picture to go to their website for more info.

We do not create these programs! The professionals do, some come with live teachers some come with live Professors, Some come in a format so anyone can properly teach, yes even you could if you wanted to.  

We are Mentors/Parents too, our goal is to help families who want to get out of the public schools and be able to give their children an amazing education, be able to do just that!

You're going to be Amazed with the curriculums below, what they offer, and what your children have been missing!  

The Sky is the Limit!!!

The Mission of NARHS is to strengthen home-based education by providing consultation and tools to support course planning, student work assessment, quality academic learning, and goal setting leading to a high school transcript and diploma which have far-reaching transferability and acceptance.


The North Atlantic Regional High School is based in Auburn, Maine, with our business office in Yakima, Washington. NARHS is a state-authorized private school recognized by the Department of Education and regionally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools www.msa-cess.org. We assist students and their parents to create a customized high school program for each student, whether he or she is attending public school, private school, college classes, or homeschool. For homeschool families, parents decide and direct the content of each course, while fulfilling the requirements for each specific high school credit. Once the student has acquired a minimum of 17.5, he or she is eligible for a high school diploma. However, students graduate with varying numbers of high school credits according to their ability, ambition, and academic goals.

Founded and incorporated in 1989, we adhere to the foundational core curriculum outlined by the state of Maine, but allow broad flexibility in fulfilling those requirements under the careful one-on-one assistance of our certified staff.

Students working on their high school courses are allowed to work at their own pace; there are no speed limits here. Students are allowed to go as fast as they like, or as slow as they need.

Our high school program is enjoying an expanding presence in other states, especially among homeschoolers. In recent years, we have been gratified that public schools and other private schools in numerous states have referred students to NARHS.


Students come to us with a mix of public schooling, private schooling, and  college work. 
Most of our students have been homeschooled for at least part of their school careers, but not all.    Some students begin working on their high school diploma requirements before age 14; Others finish the requirements as adults.  For some students, we work with their very first course selections for high school, while for others we work to reconstruct the academic work they did years ago.

NARHS graduates have moved into college, universities, careers, and all branches of military and government service.  Some continued the family farm, some went to technical schools, and some became apprentices in other trades.  Over the years, a few dozen graduates were young professional actors and actresses, professional sports figures, professional musicians.  These students presented unique issues to manage while they carried out careers and maintained studies with NARHS.  We have that flexibility.

Parents and students enjoy the diversity offered in the academic programs provided under the guidance of our school.  Likewise, the school enjoys the diversity offered by this mix of students.

Because each student’s program is custom-designed, there is no class standing or class ranking, but the student’s GPA is calculated to reflect his or her level of academic performance.

Although not all our students were prepared in the same way, they WERE all prepared for the same thing -- they were prepared for adulthood

Here is their Handbook https://www.narhs.com/sites/default/files/NARHS%20Handbook_0.pdf