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My personal Favorite Spelling/Vocab/Poetry!!!

Dedicate a portion of your school day to boosting your students' word skills with Spelling, Vocabulary, & Poetry 4. Fourth grade students will work through 34 weekly spelling lists, each of which features content words from academic areas and everyday life. Frequently used words are also integrated. Activities reinforce the word lists through exercises that ask students to identify misspelled words in proofreading assignments, complete sentences using vocab words, and other types of reinforcement. Six poems are included for appreciation and memorization. Approximately 51 pages with glossary. Grade 4.

Subjects: Spelling Vocabulary, Poetry

Grades: Kindergarten - 8th

Recommend:  L.A

All About Spelling takes the struggle out of spelling! Based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, this curriculum teaches encoding skills, spelling rules, and multisensory strategies to help students become proficient spellers. This mastery-based curriculum is also appropriate to use with students who have dyslexia. Students beginning the program should start with Level 1 unless they've worked with a phonogram-based program previously.

The teacher's manual includes a "Preparing for Level ...." section that provides clear action steps to help you prepare, and includes a list of materials you'll need to acquire, which letters/letter combinations will be taught, and how to set up and use the program. This section is followed by step-by-step lesson plans. Twenty-four lessons (15-20 minutes each day) are included and each is lightly scripted for easy instruction.

Subjects: Spelling Vocabulary, Poetry

Grades: 1st-4th

Recommend:  Spelling

Writing Strands is an amazing curriculum that teaches children not only how to write, but how to think outside of the box and how best to put their thoughts and stories in great writings!  It helps them learn proper form and skills to be the best writer possible!  This program goes 2nd grade - High School.

Subject: Composition/Writing 

Grade All Ages

Latter-day Learning - Latter-day Learning provides a comprehensive array of resources designed to allow any family to easily adapt, supplement or replace as needed or desired.

Subjects: Literature


The new Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read instructional approach and techniques are based on research about how children learn to read. Our team of leading educators, award-winning authors and illustrators, teachers, and parents developed the new Learn to Read with the primary goal of helping children become confident readers

Subject: Reading and Spelling

Grade: PreK - 2nd 

Recommended: for all (this is an amazing reading program for beginners)