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Saxon Math has consistently been one of Private/homeschoolers' top choices when it comes to math curriculum. Their incremental spiral-approach teaches students information in small amounts, and continually repeats concepts to keep newly acquired skills fresh and active.  My absolute favorite so far is their 3rd edition but I love the others too.  I just make sure which ever one I use is Not tied to Common Core

Subject: Math

Grade pre k - 12th and up

Aleks.com math is a great way to do math for the online learner.  Aleks pretests the child to see exactly what level they are at.  Anything the child did well on, on the test, Aleks throws it out.  They don't waist your time on topics they have clearly mastered.  However time to time they do add those topics into a test and as long as it's still mastered they leave it off.  If however they no longer know it, Aleks will add it back into the lesson plan as a refresher.  Aleks never pushes you to go faster then you can and never holds you back!  You can go as slow or as fast as you need to!

Subject: Math (they do offer several other subjects)

Grade 3 - 12 and up

Easy Grammar is exactly what its title says-it's a grammar resource that's easy to teach and use. With only a few pages to do a day, students can learn without feeling overwhelmed. Everything needed is provided, from teacher suggestions and reproducible student pages to unit reviews and answer keys. If you don't want to make copies of all the student pages, there are separate workbooks and test books available.

In a step-by-step format, this program covers prepositions, parts of speech, usage, capitalization and punctuation, as well as how to write a sentence, a friendly letter, or e-mail.

A great add-on to your regular language arts program, this course will give students the tools needed for successful writing. It breaks each concept down into bite-sized pieces, so by the time they are up to Easy Grammar Plus (grade 7), they should have an understanding of all grammar concepts. And if you'd like to continue reviewing grammar through high school, you can do that with the Easy Grammar Ultimate series. Softcovers, from ISHA Enterprises.-Rebekah

Subjects: G.U.M Grammar Usage and Mechanics 


Every grade can be taught.  

Recommend:  L.A

For Composition we have really enjoyed since my kids were little to older years the Writing Strands series.  It is a wonderful program for all ages and levels to teach your child how to properly write in any form.  It is a step by step program and even has them asses their own work.  We absolutely love this Composition program