Rosecrest Learning Academy

Where Discovery and Knowledge Create Tomorrows Leaders

As a Mother of 4, a mentor or many kids my own and others, and as someone who has opened a very successful charter school and a private school for preschoolers, I have learned all the ins and outs of how to start a business, start a charter school, private school and how to run an awesome homeschool with endless possibilities for our youth!  

My goal now after 13 years of doing all of these sometimes challenging but very rewarding adventures (and some still happening now) it to help others do the same! whether it's just starting your own business or starting a charter or a preschool or homeschooling your own or others kids.  

I had NO help (well I would have help when I found who to call or email on my own) I had to learn and research and figure it out on my own.  I learned who to talk to where to find the best of everything and so on all over the place, by my self.  I wish so bad there had been some one to walk me through step by step how to do it all and ALL IN ONE PLACE! 

I hope this site helps your adventures be a little bit easier to begin and I hope it helps see you through to the finish!