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Rosecrest Learning Academy

Where Discovery and Knowledge Create Tomorrows Leaders

Our Joy Schoolers love to learn! Our lessons are age appropriate and so much fun.  They love to learn through our amazing curriculums, and  through right and left brain learning.

Toddlers Joy School 

This curriculum includes 24 lesson plans.  There are 2 lessons for each month of your toddler's  2.5 years of age.  We can spend approximately 2 weeks on each lesson plan with your toddler.  The lessons are geared to a toddler's development as he/she progresses through the second year of life.  We keep everything fun and make sure it's done in small doses through out each day.  This is a fantastic way to prepare your children for preschool! 

Lesson suggestions fall under these subject areas: 



Speech/vocab (Your Baby Can Read) 

Indoor and outdoor games

Sign language  (Signing Time) 


Nursery rhymes 

Spiritual Character Building 

Classical music 

Foreign language

Children's songs 

Arts & crafts

Musical exploration 


Nature study 


"I love this joyschool so much. They treat my daughter so good and are so patient with her. My daughter has learned so much and pronounces her words so much better now. She has been going since she was 2 years old and is almost three and knows so much sign language, her colors, shapes, numbers, letters and so much more! We hope we can continue with them until kindergarten. I highly recommend them! The Teachers there are so awesome"! (Jamie W)

Like most parents, we were cautious in selecting a school for our child. Coming to Rosecrest Learning Academy has been the best decision for our family and we have since recommended them to others as someone we trust. We have loved watching our son grow academically and socially. Additionally, we have enjoyed learning the Love & Logic model which we feel has made a significant impact in managing our son's behavior. I would highly recommend Rosecrest Learning Academy to anyone searching for a trusting all day school provider.